The Themes of the Newest “Precure” Show and how it presents Space: An In Depth Analysis

Hello true subscribers, it’s your pals at the BUTTBUDDZ here with a new article straight from Buttbuddz HQ. This article is yet another one on the very popular Mahou Shojo show “Pretty Cure” which, as happens once a year, has recently started a new series, named “Star☆Twinkle Precure”, and while only one episode has aired so far, we at the BUTTBUDDZ has already cracked the code and we have figured out what the show is all about, so we present our analysis.

Thankfully, Precure hasn’t been canceled yet

The first point of interest of any subscribers watching the first episode, is when our main character Hikaru first goes to space in the first episode. One of the first things she sees (and also the audience sees) is a stream of space FISH, and they look quite friendly too (unlike those vile brute fish in Ratboy Genius). This of course represents the fact that FISH are universal and without FISH there can be no UNIVERSE.

[Over-Time] Star☆Twinkle Precure - 01 [951BBD71].mkv_snapshot_04.25_[2019.02.03_21.57.18].jpg
The next point of interest of this episode, happens around half-way through the episode when our second protaganist, Lala, is introduced, who is an alien girl who Hikaru meets, however to most brutes there is nothing more to it than that. However with an PHD in funny youtube video, I can reveal there is more to it than that.


Alright so you might think theres nothing special going on here, however I want you to pay attention to her hair ornaments. If your eye is untrained you might think it’s just an heart on them, however if you inspect them closely you will see they feature the colors of Pepsi, and from many angles they resemble a Pepsi logo. This is no coincidence, because these hair ornaments represent love for refreshing Pepsi. The fact that these symbols of Pepsi are on a alien also means that Pepsi is drinken by thirsty individuals all over the universe, perhaps sugguesting that eventually in this series of Precure they will visit the Pepsi galaxy? Time will tell but yeah thanks for reading my article please subscribe to my youtube and also bookmark my webpage and don’t forget to print out this article on your game boy printer and give it to all your friends, thanks.

The Pretty Cure in PEPSI UNIVERSE?!?!?!

review of the anime

Hello buttbuddz fan today we are going to review something that is very popular and loved by all the weird people on the internet, yeah (uh uh yeah uh uh yeah uh) that’s right we’re going to review anime. You unsavy users of the www might wonder, what is an anime? Well this is why we the buttbuddz are here to teach you everything.

Today we are in fact going to review the anime on the buttbuddz so hopefully y’all looking forward to that.

great screencap from the 35th episode of the anime

Ok so listen up punks, Anime is about the anime characters, also known as “Wafuus”. They live in anime land where all are happy and gay because they all subscribe to the buttbuddz for great top 10s, minecraft song parodies and more and more,a nd they’re also really cute and have a lot of fan art on the internet feel free to go download some.

So in the first episode Pepushi-San and Fisho-San are very best friends until Pepushi-San becomes a magical girl and then Fisho-San must ride a giant robot so she can destroy the moon before the moon people drown the earths fish in coca cola, and also all anime girls (wafuus) live in Graz, Vienna. This storyline makes perfect sense which is why anime ha sit anime is one good show i must say. must also fight the big bad muscle man who wants to punch babies or something. I fell asleep by episode 196 but someone told me it was really good so I have to believe them. The show has a total of 50 episodes. is right before the arc where the villains unsubscribe to the buttbuddz begins.

The animation is really good and this is called “sakuga” which is Japanese for “sausage” and it means forced animation. Please donæt watch aniem with too many frames they make my head hurt. Also I’m really hungry now so I’m going to eat some food I think so therfore I give this anime 5 pepsi cans for anime perfectino please subscribe for more great anime reviews.