Opinion: My Screenshot Folder of Cool Anime Screenshots

Hello gamers and welcome to my article where we will look at my cool screenshots ok, and I will also explain why they are great in this thrilling and thought provoking opinion piece here we go.

From “Galaxy Frauline Yuna 2: Return of Yuna” Directed by Dave Fleischer
First, heres a picture of an eye. It is very detailed and uses the fabled “backlight technique” to give it a very glowy glow, and thats pretty cool.

08 Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1997) [BD 720p Hi10p 5.1 AAC][dual-audio][kuchikirukia].mkv_snapshot_16.51_[2018.11.18_02.42.19].jpg
From “Revolutionary Girl Utena” directed by the Black Prince
Here we got what you think is a screenshot of elephants from Revolutionary Girl Utena, but it’s actually a picture of my winning game of “Age of Empires 2” where I played as the Khmer and owned the standard bot with elephants and scorpions. As you can tell the elephants are very powerful, this is why Khmer is a very highly regarded civilization in Age of Empires 2, with their epic 30% winrate in online games.

From “K-On!! (two exclamation mark, not one) directed by kyoani
A decade ago, K-On!! was a very popular anime among “”””cute anime girl enthuaists”””” and general anime fans. These days it is exclusively watched by anime snobs who celeberate it’s excellent artistic qualities. This screenshot perfectly showcases that with a really cool background. It’s like a fish-eye lens! It gives you a great overview of the room too. I have many more lens effect screenshots in my folder which I will write about in the future. But now I have to go, goodbye.